Be an AllStar

The MVP Experience

A Dramatic light sports session is your time to shine!  We want to see your charisma, your attitude and your game face!  This is your chance to express your passion and demonstrate your talents.

How do we get these awesome photos?

This isn't any standard studio photo session, we use a range of creative lighting techniques, angles and poses to create the mood and bring the drama to your session.  During the session we will be posing you and moving our studio lights around to get the desired effect.  Don’t worry, we have a lot of poses we can do and will help you through each of them.  Feel free to suggest any you would like to try too.  Especially if you are a dancer.  I'm sure you'll have tons of poses!

Investment of a lifetime

Much like the time and money we put into our own or our kids sports, investing in a sports portrait session can not only give you a lifetime of memories to display and show off, but also deliver confidence and a strong self esteem.

The empowerment and confidence your kids will gain not only from the session but by seeing their images on the wall is outstanding.  Much like their own sports idols, they become the superstar on the poster.  One of the most popular choices is a 16x20 inch canvas with inspirational quote.  The perfect piece of decor to see before beginning your day.

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