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Hey Superstar!


What did you like most about your Dramatic Light Sports Portrait session?  Was it how Dave made the posing so easy?  The confidence and self esteem boost from being in the spotlight for a moment? Or was it seeing your images on screen and coming to terms with how incredibly amazing and powerful you look?

Now, how would you like your friends to have the same experience?


Our way of saying "Thanks for spreading the love" is to give you $100 credit to go towards a product or another session for every friend who books in.  Plus you can bank these credits up too!  So the more friends you have book in, the more credit you can spend!

As an added bonus, we are also going to give your friend $100 print credit to use!

How do I refer people?


You can simply refer Angel Eyes Professional Photography to your friends or family members by word-of-mouth. Just be sure to let them know they will get $100 print credit towards their booking if they mention your name. Word-of-mouth referrals are so effective and much appreciated!

Social Media Sharing

One of the most effective ways to refer our studio is on a social media page. If you decide to share a photo from your session or just give a quick shout-out to our studio, You can link our group to encourage friends to join ( MVP's of Angel Eyes ).  Part of our information consultation is to ask how they heard about us, so we'll know that they came from you.

Complete the Form

Got a few friends that you think might like a portrait session but don't know what to say to them?  Just drop what ever details you have of theirs into the form below and we will do the rest.  Don't worry, we won't spam them.  Just a little message to say hi, and that you thought they might like some information.  The rest will be in their court.

(Parent if under 18)

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