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What is a sports session like?

Ever wondered what it is like to be a professional athlete? Well a dramatic light sports portrait session is a part of that experience. In our studio, you are the super star modelling your uniforms or outifts and sports gear. We can even create your own sports memorabilia with our signature series collection.


One question we get asked a lot is:  do I have to know how to pose?  The simple answer is no.  As photographers, it is our job to show or tell you how to pose… Sometimes that means literally doing the pose for you and yes this can be quite entertaining!


Think about any particular poses you would like to try.  We take a diverse range of photos including staged and action shots! For Dancers, think about your routines that you’ve performed; are there any moves that you’d like to try?  Simply running through your routine with us at your session can bring on some inspiration!


Do I have to smile?  Again not a necessity, this session is more about bringing your game face! We want to see your attitude and charisma; however, we may include a few of you smiling, just to mix it up.

Is it ok if I bring multiple uniforms or outfits? Of course! We find most clients bring at least 2 uniforms changes, some more, but we like to start with your favourite one first!

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